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Footnotes Design & Marketing staff work together to produce the design concepts. Due to Ruth's experience and understanding of marketing strategies she takes the initial brief from the client. From there, the staff at Footnotes meet to discuss such issues as the project's requirements, expected outcomes, timeline and schedules, as well as budgets. Ruth maintains control of the project throughout the production period, and reviews all artwork prior to it being forwarded to the client. This ensures that the project brief has been met, which, in turn, keeps the project on-track (budget-wise and timeline).

All concepts can be turned around within a few days, depending on the complexity of the brief.

Footnotes Design & Marketing and its staff have been working within the graphic arts industry for many years. Everyone has broad experiences with ensuring that the corporate identity is maintained through the graphic design process, and that the integrity of the brand is not compromised as a result of the artwork or the direction of the communication.
Ruth's experience with visual communication adds a dimension of understanding of how the inferred messages and semiotics can empower the interpretation for both the sender of the message (client) and the receiver (audience).


Footnotes Design & Marketing does not employ a dedicated web coder, as their core business is printed media. While they have developed, created and managed websites in the past, they have found that their skills are best utilised in areas that provide sound results and to budget. Therefore, their experience is now to design the website and to employ a professional website company to construct the site according to the brief. This ensures that neither the coding nor the design is compromised to achieve a result.
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